Apotheosis – Gaea


It is the 2nd year of the 3rd millennium. It has been a year since the coastal sahuagin attacks that marked end of the millennium. Almost everyone was caught off guard, by the time they had rallied it was too late. The death toll was immense across the land. The mainland was hit the hardest. Few know why the attack happened, although rumors flourish. 

The capital provinces still stand, being the most naturally defended and each clan has managed to keep territorial control of some land but those who resided in outlying territory have fled closer to the capital. Over the past year the now unclaimed territory has acquired new residents. Those loyal to none have taken claim of abandoned towns and villages, and creatures have settled into the surrounding areas with no opposition to quell them. Many have clans have spent their precious time re-consolidating their economy and military presence. Loyalty has become a commodity. Nationalism has accelerated as clans look toward unclaimed land to conquer as their own and skepticism of outsiders is prevalent . Many of the clans require documentation or proof of identity and allegiance to reside within their towns and cities. Spies are not uncommon, and the punishment for being caught has grown steadily more severe. Some of the clans have been forced to implement large taxes to pay for the now necessary military.

The words that kept Gaea in a state of balance for a thousand years have been ignored, alongside the fear and respect of the Silver Thorn. Although the number of applicants have increased, their perceived presence has diminished to an all time low. No longer do the Barons fear them, and although  they continue to attempt relevance, they are fading into obscurity in the minds of the common folk. 

The country has become much more spiritual in the past year. Although a few Old Gods were killed by bloodshot bullets, most survived. In times of tragedy people turn to powers higher than themselves. Several of the mortal plane gods and integrated themselves within the courts of the Barons, where they enjoy daily sermons. The has caused a rift within the social sphere of the Gods, who have been historically non-partisan.  

Clans of Gaea

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