Storm King's Thunder in Gaea


The story of Storm King's Thunder, as presented in the land of Gaea. Set on the eastern side of the world, some 5000 miles from the land of Vallen, in the year 1000 (two years from the events of Guardians of Vallen).

Gaea is an island on the The Harmonious Ocean, mostly untouched by the rest of the world due to the treacherous nature of the waters to foreign sailors. It's one of 4 islands inside the small Untouched Archipelago (UA for short), alongside Drowestin, Bla'tuk and Volcano Island. The isolated nature of the archipelago is in large part because of the current that flows around the isles, which naturally repels vessels trying to enter the current whilst simultaneously naturally causing vessels within to be kept within. The archipelago is known to be quite naturally volatile, with one of the isles hosting a volcano and the areas just outside the current being prone to tempests leading many external sources to believe the current surrounding the isles is arcane, rather than natural in origin. 

Within the UA the islands have little contact historically. There is a phenomenon along the western edge, stopping just short of the western coast of Gaea. Something rests in the sky perfectly aligning with the sun's rotation, blocking it and allowing only a few hours of daylight every day. Nobody knows what it is, speculation range from another planet to the Gods to an enormous sleeping beast. Recently, about 200 years ago, an arcane accident caused the very rock foundation of the island to move closer east, allowing more daylight in and vastly affecting the ecosystem and the residents, causing an influx of immigration to the nearby Gaea.

Bla'tuk and Volcano Island reside east of Gaea. Volcano island is known to host a more primitive peoples, who religiously worship the titular volcano. Surprisingly they pray for the volcano to once again erupt. Bla'tuk [is not yet decided]  

The turn of the first millennium of the age across the world has brought with it a host of new problems. 

Clans of Gaea

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