Felen Icewater


Felen is a beautiful, elegant Triton woman. Coming from a long line of beautiful women breeding with beautiful men, Felen has inherited piercing blue eyes, fair and smooth blue skin and long, flowing pale blue hair.


Of clan Oda. Born to the family Icewater not long ago, Felen grew up privileged. Her family rich and her parents unaware, she was given free reign to do whatever she wished whenever she wished it. Despite this complete freedom, she still chose to spend nearly all of her days down in the water, pretending that she was conversing with the fish,and laughing at the bigger animals that would come her way. The way she saw it, none of the creatures of the sea would ever dare harm her, and she was right. After her guards killed a large shark that was coming after her, larger and more dangerous animals would stop coming near her when she would swim in the ocean.

What Felen never learned, however, was that creatures could exist on land. Of course, she knew that she could exist on land, but even then her body would dry up if she did not go into water for a few days. She knew that crabs and toads could walk upon the land, but that they too needed water.And her teachers were no help, they would teach her of the sea and sky creatures, and of all manner of other things, but never about the creatures of land for fear she would throw a tantrum. In all other aspect though, she was finely educated by the best tutors that her family could find.

And so it was not until a month after her seventeenth birthday that Felen first met a land animal. By happenstance, on her regular route up to her favourite cliff for diving, she was approached by a giant weasel. Whilst her guards offered to have the creature killed, she was happy to bring it along with her to the cliff. She was confused, however, when it was reluctant to go in the water. After some playful splashing, the weasel attacked and was forced to be put down. The guards had to finally explain to her that this weasel was a land creature, the concept of which blew Felen tiny mind.

Deciding finally what to do with her life, Felen used her family money to buy many rolls of empty parchment and some nice inks. With this, she intended to catalogue all of the land creatures and the sky creatures, so as to form an encyclopaedia. She set out on her 18th birthday, and not 3 days later found herself falling ill. She does not know how or why, but she was found by a hermit, a very old man who lived on his own, albeit with his pet frog. He took her in, and taught her the ways of the druid. With her natural affinity for animals, he thought she would be the perfect candidate, and taught her how to use magic. Over the next year, she trained hard in her magic’s and even learned the theory for wild-shaping, though she was not skilled enough yet to do it. When the old man died a year later, she knew that the time had come to resume her quest. She took the man’s pet frog and went home, this time intending to fine retainers to being with her on her long quest. It did not take long for her to find 3 willing men wishing to further their social rank by obeying a member of the nobility. Whilst her family were willing to pay some amount into the new venture and to pay for the services of the retainers, they are not happy about Felen’s new life as a druid and so refused to give her any more money than they thought she might need on the road. Honestly, they’re just happy to get her out of the house.

And so it came to pass that Felen, her pet frog Garral and her three retainers (Rowan, Lucan and Jack) set off into the world to detail the creatures of the sea and sky, and to further her skills as a druid.

-Rowan – Artist -
-Lucan – Descriptor –
-Jack – Messenger -

Felen Icewater

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