Character creation

Character creation

This page will be split into two, the mechanical and the narrative aspects of character creations. The first section will have general guidelines applicable to any game I run (unless explicitly stated otherwise).  The second will have the mechanical checklist to creating a character which is advised to be followed roughly chronologically. The third will have some questions to ask your character to prompt a deeper level of thought.

The following are key and general aspects to character creation:

  • Obviously follow the guidelines from the rules page
  • Your personality traits, bond, flaw and ideal should directly tie into your background somehow. A serviceable backstory would be 5 sentences, each directly explaining your character details. 
  • No 'evil' characters. Edgy is fine.
  • Backstories should be, for the most part, shareable. 
  • Your characters are above average at level one, but still not heroes capable of incredible feats.
  • Your flaw(s) should be integral parts of your character. A flawed character overcoming their flaws is more interesting than someone perfect. 
  • Any deeds in your backstory should be reasonable for a level one character to achieve. Nothing is more awkward than a renowned warrior capable of besting 5 men at once on paper is felled by a single goblin's arrow. Or a master locksmith being stumped by a simple lock. Let your heroic deeds unfold in the game. Let your aspirations to achieve great deeds drive you. 
  • Any secrets you have should be relevant to the world in some way. 

Mechanical checklist

Starting stats 

Narrative questions

Character creation

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