Expectations for players

Character creation

Leveling Up

  • Levelling up with be a big deal, requiring a time investment to hone skills you've been learning up until that point.
  • This means you should not expect to level up during a quest or in the wilderness etc. 
  • As such befriending an NPC who can teach you such skills is advisable.
  • This is obviously situational, and spells/ability score improvements will not be included in this (unless you think it should). 
  • SKT is not a time sensitive campaign (for the most part), so downtime is more prevalent.
  • However the prologue is a caveat to this. You will level up quickly, in a single 'area'. As such your character should have the knowledge but not the skill of level 2 and 3. Level 4 (if feat) onwards levelling will happen as previously stated. 

Macro (or common sense)

  • No malicious rolls/actions against the party
  • Roleplay disagreement is encouraged, characters storming off is fine.
  • No robbing each other, no attacking each other etc. This is a co-operative story.
  • Try and remember your characters wouldn't stay together because you're all players at the same table. Would others want to hang around your character? Would you? This can be a roleplay aspect of course, as with anything. 
  • This is a co-operative experience. 
  • You are a good party. Now just because you're a good party doesn't mean you're a good party, but it does mean no dark themes. Try and avoid torture, killing innocents (whatever you deem innocent is of course subjective – I'm referring to orphans and the like) etc. Again, rule of common sense applies. 

Expectations for GM

Adapt SKT into the Clans (within reason), and adapt the story to include the player's backstories.

Pour hours of your life into creating dynamic and interesting stories and encounters, to watch helplessly as your party burns the boat and distrust friendly NPCs.

Just kidding it's a pre-built module.

What not to expect

This is will not be a full blown Gaea adventure, there is frankly too much to adapt. So much of the source material will remain, just slightly tweaked. If it goes well, and everyone enjoys the setting, I'll write a full Gaea adventure set after the events of SKT really delving into the Clans and setting. 


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