The Covenant of the Silver Thorn

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The embassy of the Silver Thorn is located on the northern island, separated from the mainland. The leaders of the Silver Thorn are called the Bonsai, and are comprised of 3 small councils, each with three members. Typically these 9 include a representative from each clan, and 2 foreigners or creatures with no ties to any clan. Furthermore each council of 3 typically includes a scholar, a warrior and a diplomat.

The primary purpose of the Bonsai is to oversee the enforcement of the Sacred Laws and the management of the Silver Thorn. The secondary purpose is to ensure the other Bonsai are they themselves adhering to the Sacred Laws. Each individual council may blossom friendship, but a rigid segregation between the 3 is enforced. When initially created there was a concern for those keeping the law feeling they could rise above it. The clan representatives, with two unaffiliated, was the way to prevent that from occurring. 

The three councils are The Thorns, The Spines and The Prickles

The Sacred Laws


The Sacred Laws were created in order to bring order to chaos, to bring the brutatilty of the clans to heel. The tenets were devised by the original members of the Silver Thorn, and the 2nd Barons of each clan. These laws were sealed with the blood from each member present, and priests of Kotoamatsukami [collective name for the first 3 gods which came into existence at the time of the creation of the universe] so that the words were binding, and any amendments would require the consent of every clan, the Thorn and the high priests. The Laws were created with an aim toward nationwide actions, rather than individual, so that individual clan law could prevail. There are several clarifying documents alongside the Sacred Laws, which share the same binding. 

The Sacred Laws as written, although order is of no importance:

  1. The taking of 21 innocent lives by an individual or group across any stretch of time transcends standard law. 
  2. War between two or more clans must be announced at least one day cycle, or 24 hour period, before any lives are directly claimed as an act of war. 
  3. The purpose of the previous is to allow the innocent to flee or seek refuge, and therefore does not include the generic taking of life which is not the responsibility of the Silver Thorn. 
  4. Subterfuge, in service of a clan outside of war, is permitted up to physical, emotional or financial harm to the victim or victims. 
  5. Subterfuge in the service of a clan at war is permitted up to the willful assassination of the unaffiliated. 
  6. The usage of these laws to further a clan's military or political advantage is prohibited.  
  7. None whom break any tenet listed whilst in Gaea territory are exempt from consequence.
  8. The current Baron of any clan cannot be killed or captured without the respective Baron's foreknowledge of intention. The intent must be made known a minimum of 60 seconds prior, to allow retaliation and naming of a successor.
  9. The above clause is exempted when a successor is known to a minimum of 5 other individuals who's allegiance lies with the same clan as the respective Baron.   
  10. The Silver Thorn are to adhere to the following principles in their pursuit of upholding these laws; righteousness, rectitude, heroic courage, benevolence, compassion, respect, honour, politeness, integrity, veracity, and loyalty. 

Innocent is used to denote those incapable of defending themselves against malicious action, or those with no affiliation with the perpetrators cause. For example: Men, women and children whom are unarmed and or untrained typically constitute as innocent. However if a creature kills a child for food, the tally of innocent lives claimed by the creature does not increase as the act was not malicious. 

The individuals responsible for breaking any of the Sacred are to be imprisoned or removed by the Silver Thorn, and their fate at the discretion of the Thorn. Whilst adhering to the 10th tenet.

The Covenant of the Silver Thorn

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